The three words that best categorize my sense of self are passionate, empathetic, and driven.

I am one who empowers. I am one who connects. I am one who creates.

I am who I am now because of those who came before me.

My sense of creativity started being fostered at birth… at two years old I would sit in the studio when my dad would have his steel drum music rehearsals and I’d bop my head to the melody.

I started singing at age 5…a gift not passed down by my mother or father, but apparently had skipped a couple of generations and decided to hit me and my siblings.

My eye for creating beautiful things was fostered through an artistic mother, and a familial encouragement to sketch, draw, and paint from a young age. I cultivated those skills in Junior High and High School …where my love for photography blossomed as well.


Photography: the beauty of life, captured.

The glimmer in a grandma’s eyes as I watch her laugh, the intimacy of a husband or wife holding their partners face while looking into their eyes…the fierce and empowered look of a woman embracing her natural body shape…I live for capturing these moments through my lens.


About Charm Photography:
The photographer behind the camera is Carmen Ross.
I’m a northern California based photographer and my style values a true-to-your natural beauty look.
So I like to retouch minimally and focus on bringing out my subjects’ natural CHARM.

The name Charm came from a shortened version of my family
‘s nick name for me as a kid and it just stuck. But the definition of the word ‘Charm’ is what I like most:
“The power or quality of giving delight or evoking admiration.”

This is what I do through photo.